Monday, 3 November 2014

This is where I rant

So I had trouble sleeping. It's currently just after 1AM and I should be in bed. I've got work in the morning. The volunteer kind, but I still need to be professional. I don't know why I can't sleep. Or maybe I do. Maybe it's because of all the thoughts swirling around in my head.

Lately a lot of issues I thought were resolved have come up to the surface again. There was a thread in a facebook group about abuse. A bunch of people wrote about everything from stupid comments to attempted murder. I knew a bunch of the people posting. I wrote about that time I offered that guy a place to sleep and his hands went places they weren't supposed to. That was a very minor thing compared to other things I've endured. I hate using the word "rape", the word itself is painful. But there you have it, I've been raped and made to endure a couple of lesser sexual assaults. I've written about it before, on another little corner of the internet, on a couple of forums and in my old-fashioned physical diary.

My partner is currently asleep in our bed. I wish I was too. I'm going to be half-dead tomorrow. People might think the zombie apocalypse happened. Thankfully there is caffeine. And a snooze button for my alarm that will go off in six hours.

Well, until nest time I guess!

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